LEARNING JOURNEY; First Beginner Korean Class Was Fun!

Today, we covered pronunciations of all the vowels. The teacher (Richard is his English name, lol) pronounced each vowel and we repeated after. You have no idea how sore our jaws/throats were after. xD

Also, he taught us some basic greeting words such as:

안녕하세요. (Hello.)
제 이름은 ___ 입니다. (My name is ___.)
만나서 반갑습니다. (Nice to meet you.)

Though this lesson was a lot easier for me since I’d already learnt the basics on my own and am already on Level 2 of TTMIK as well as Level 2 of Rosetta Stone Korean, it was really an advantage to have the teacher correct my pronunciation on the spot. Pronunciation is very important if you want to get the right point across, lol.

Richard also wants to give us a Korean name to motivate us, LOL. I don’t know how that’s supposed to motivate us, but okay. xD

Can’t wait till next week for lesson 2! Hopefully will get to learn some new things. ^^

Oh, he made us do little introductions like name, country (some weren’t local) and why we wanted to learn Korean, so he could know us better. I lamely said I wanted to learn Korean so I didn’t need subtitles, lol. It’s true in way, I guess, but actually, I wanted to learn it so I wouldn’t be one of those people who complain about not understanding what my idols were saying. :x Besides, I like a new challenge. :D

Irrelevant, but the teacher’s quite good looking, haha! My friend thinks he looks like Kim Won Joon.

I’m not sure about that though… lol. Maybe a little? Jawline’s different. xD

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