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REVIEW; Rosetta Stone Korean




My dad emailed me saying there is this really good Rosetta Stone for Korean offer and I’m trying to decide if it’ll be worth it to buy it. It’s all five levels at a decent price. Should I?

My friend Marsha has it. She’ll tell you~ lol

This is what I told my friends just now: “It’s pretty okay, just that I think it would be better if you already have a slight grasp of the language because it really just throws you into it without teaching you how to read or write and there’s no English translations or dictionary or anything like that. They do read it out for you and provide pictures though, pretty much the same way you teach a baby.”

I will give my proper review of it when my head doesn’t want to split, lol. Overall, I’d say go for it. The (3 months free) online services are pretty awesome and I’m considering renewing the subscription when it expires in two weeks. I just tried it for the first time just now. Also, I didn’t know there’s 5 levels?? The one my dad got me only has 3.

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