Korean Learning Journey, Q&A

Q&A; Are you in a class or do you self teach?


Are you in a class or do you self teach?

Self-study; I’ve never formally been in any classes. There was only once that I went for 5 two-hour beginner lessons (because it was on discount~), where we were taught to read, write, pronounce, and introduce ourselves. I was actually already too advanced for it, so I didn’t learn anything new besides having my pronunciation corrected and how to ask for discounts cutely. Ha.

Update: I joined Dae Han‘s Advance 1 classes in May 2012 (a month after this question was answered), but because their standard is a lot lower than the Integrated Korean Intermediate books that I’d been self-studying from, the class was easy for me. I decided not to advance into the next level after I completed the Advance 1 level, so I’m back to self-studying.

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