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PERSONAL; D-4 Student Visa Application



Okay, so I had to go to the Embassy of the Republic of Korea twice. Why? Because they insisted on the original copies of my birth certificate and my school certificate. Now it’s not like I didn’t research on the internet as to what I needed before I went there, because I did! And NO ONE mentioned that ORIGINALS were needed, so here I am to inform you all that you need to bring originals in addition to photocopies. They will return the originals to you after checking it against the copies, which they will keep.

What you will need for a D-4 student visa application in Singapore:

  • Valid passport (make sure to check the expiry date!)
  • Visa application form (you can fill it out there)
  • Original certificate of admission + 1 copy
  • Original certificate of graduation + 1 copy
  • Financial statement if you don’t have a Korean sponsor (original bank statements from the past three months of more than $3,000 (EDIT: $5,000 as of Jul 2013); make copies for yourself if need be as they will keep the originals)
  • Original birth certificate + 1 copy (if your parents are sponsoring you and you are using their bank statements)
  • 1 passport photo
  • Application fee: S$66

Note: All Singaporeans have a 90-day visa exemption when travelling to S. Korea, so you’ll need a visa if you’re staying longer than that; there is no way around this, unless you are willing to get out of the country and back to renew your tourist visa. Calculate the duration of your intended stay to see if you’ll need a visa.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment and I will try to recall what I had to do, lol.

17 thoughts on “PERSONAL; D-4 Student Visa Application”

  1. hi, thanks for your sharing about the D4 visa to korea. im planning to study at sogang university on march 2014. but currently I have every documents well prepared except the Korean sponsor letter, which is bothering me the most. what if i do not have Korean sponsor letter, are we still able to apply for D4 visa?


    1. Usually people with bank accounts get those in the mail, unless they opted for paperless, in which case you’d have to request for a printed version either online or in person at the bank. If someone is sponsoring you, ask them to provide you with those.


  2. Hi Marsherlin. I am intending to study in KLI for the next fall semester and I must say that you blog is really insightful. However, I only intend to study there for only one semester, but wish to stay in Korea for a little bit longer. Is it possible for me to get a D-4 visa while only studying for one term? Your help is very much appreciated.


    1. You may do that, but it won’t serve much of a purpose since it will only be valid for the term of your studies. If you want to extend the D-4, you’ll need prove that you’re going to be studying for a longer period. It’s a student visa for a reason. Otherwise, you’ll need to get out of the country and back again.


      1. Thanks for your input. Does KLI usually have a term break? I understand that one term has 10 weeks, so in between these 10 weeks, is there any term break or any break of sorts? If so, when will it usually be? I’ve tried to find out more from the KLI website but to no avail.


  3. Hello~ I have a question about visa (as the embassy in sg told me to check with the embassy in korea instead ㅠㅠ)

    May i know if studying in Yonsei for only one term entitles me to a d4 visa? Is it possible to tell them that I’ll be extending my stay to > 90 days but not studying, just touring… D: I see that they require certificate of admission ( which yonsei said that they will only mail to d4 applicants)

    many thanks for your advice.


    1. Your questions have already been answered in my reply to Mandy above.

      Since I’ve never heard of anyone converting a student visa to a tourist visa without leaving the country, you’ll have to check with the embassy.


  4. Hello, I’m intending to study at Yonsei KLI for two semesters, so I’ll need a D4 visa. Does this mean that I have to register for 2 semesters at once, to get the certificate of enrollment to prove that I’ll be there for 2 semesters?

    Many thanks in advance.


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