Korea Life 2013

KOREA LIFE; It Snowed Again!

동건오빠가 보내준 동영상 ㅎ

눈이 또 왔다 오늘은 ^^ 근데 사실은 안에서 볼때만 이쁨 밖에서 진짜 전쟁이다 전쟁! 비랑 눈이 같이 왔고 바람도 장난 아니였다! 학교 나갔을 땐 목도리를 까먹고 안 해서 내 불쌍한 목이… 빨게 지고 아팠었다 흑 ㅠㅠ

It snowed again today. ^^ But to be honest, it’s only pretty when seen from indoors. Outside, it’s war! Rain and snow at the same time, and the wind was no joke! Forgot to wear my scarf when I got out of school, my poor neck… became red and painful. T_T

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