Korea Life 2013

KOREA LIFE; 눈이 온다~~^^

눈이 온다~~^^ 새벽 5시에 3차 끝나고 노래방 나가려고 했을 땐 동건오빠가 밖에 난리났다고 밖으로 봤더니 오마이갓이었지 ㅋㅋ 밖에 다 하얗게 됐고~ 나두 난생처음 눈싸움을 했다! 시작했던 사람이 나일 수도… ㅎㅎㅎ 넘 재밌었다 ^^ 우리집 친구들 최고~! <3

It’s snowing~~^^ Finished 3rd round at 5am and was about to walk out of the 노래방 when 동건오빠 said that it was crazy outside. Upon looking out, OMG, haha. It turned all white outside! I also had my first snow fight! I might have also been the one who started it… hahaha. It was really fun. ^^ My friends are awesome~! <3

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