Korean Dramas

K-DRAMA; 유령 Phantom

When I first found out about this drama, I thought it was about ghosts, lol. Hey, 유령 translates to ghost! …as well as apparition and phantom, but ghost is the most common translation.

I didn’t really read through the synopsis, so I only found out it wasn’t anything ghost related when I started watching it yesterday. Though I’ve always marathoned through dramas, I was really captivated with this one since I’ve always been interested in crime and technology type shows; I used to marathon through American crime shows like CSI, Criminal Minds, Bones, Cold Case, etc. before I got sucked into the Korean scene. xD

Of course, everything is dramatised, since that’s what draws the audience in. However, 유령 was filled with a good proportion of drama and suspense with nicely timed twists and turns (though some parts could’ve been improved).

As for the two main leads, 소지섭 was great as usual, but whilst I liked 이연희 in 파라다이스 목장, I’m not sure about her acting here. She pales in comparison to 소지섭 and even some of the supporting actors. Everyone did a good job though.

Fellow crime show fans would love this. :)

DailyBap Rating: 4.5/5

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