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K-STORE; You Are Here Café

© You Are Here Café
© You Are Here Café

I’m sure those of you who follow Eat Your Kimchi and Talk To Me In Korean would know this by now, but for those who don’t, here’s the gist: they got together and opened a café earlier this month called You Are Here Café. Yay!

When I had a meal with Hyunwoo쌤 and Mikyung언니 just before I left Korea last year, he mentioned that they were opening a café sometime this year, and I was really excited about it because it’s another reason to go back to Korea! On top of seeing friends and their then unborn baby (Hi, baby Joon!), haha. I’ve not been there yet, since I’m back in Singapore, but it’s really pretty from the photos I’ve seen. Just look at the one above! IT’S A HOUSE. Coffee Prince, anyone? xD

The plus side to this is that it’s not just a café, it’s also a place for learning! There’s a classroom in the café where TTMIK will hold classes and other events such as self-study sessions:

© Talk To Me In Korean
© Talk To Me In Korean

They have also shifted LanguageCast meetups there, so if you’re looking to make new friends and practice, make sure to be there at 7pm (GMT+9) on Monday nights!

Can you tell how much I love this place already? T_T Can’t wait to go for a visit!

It’s located in Hongdae, where all the happening things are, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find. Address, directions and more below:

마포구 동교동 204-53 (Mapo-Gu, Dongyo-dong, 204-53)


Mon-Sun 10am-11pm (GMT+9)

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