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GENERAL; KakaoTalk Open Chat with DailyBap

So a while back, KakaoTalk came up with a new function called Open Chat! It allows you to chat with others without having to give out your ID or phone number. Great if you want to keep your privacy whilst chatting with strangers!

I get messages from all of my different SNS accounts and feel that it would be easier if I could get them all in one place. Since majority of Korean language learners have KakaoTalk, what better solution than this, right? You will also get faster replies from me! …depending on circumstances, lol. (This is not a sponsored post, by the way.)

So if you are using KakaoTalk and have any questions regarding learning Korean or KLI that aren’t in the Q&A section, go ahead and click the image below! I just might reply you in real time. ;)

[EDIT 20 Sep ’15] Oops, it would seem that it hasn’t been released for numbers outside of Korea yet. My bad. I’ll update again when it is.

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