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K-DRAMA; 닥터스 Doctors

I kind of had some sort of high expectations for this drama; not just because I’ve liked Park Shin Hye since forever, but also because I read that she did her fight scenes without a stunt double. How amazing!

What wasn’t amazing was the rest of this drama’s plot. -_- The only thing that kept me watching was the other couples instead. Moon Ji In was a fantastic supporting role to Park Shin Hye, Yoon Gyun Sang left the deepest impression on me in this drama as compared to his other dramas because his character was just so adorable and Kim Min Seok’s character with his satoori and bromance with his brother. :3 I was also annoyed that Ji Soo’s character just disappeared in the middle without a proper ending – I was curious about his family!

What’s sad is that the ending was also really boring for me. :/

DailyBap Rating: 3/5

5 thoughts on “K-DRAMA; 닥터스 Doctors”

      1. Not sure what type of dramas you enjoy. Moonlight Drawn by Clouds was excellent if a little slower in the second half. Let’s fight ghost was ok. Beautiful Mind with Jang Hyuk was quite good too. Or for a taste of old school kdrama Cinderella and 4 knights was a guilty pleasure watch. :)


        1. Hmm, for me, a good drama is one that stays in my mind after it ends – either because I didn’t want it to end or it was just that impactful.
          Yeah, all those dramas are on my never ending list of dramas to watch! I haven’t had time for dramas lately but I will catch up! …sometime, haha.

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