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Discovering New Music #6

브로맨스 (Vromance) – 여자 사람 친구 (She)

I’ve been obsessed with Vromance’s vocals lately. They are SO good live.

빌리 (Billy) – 친구와 연인사이 (Between Friend and Lover)

Also, found a new indie artiste to listen to: Billy! It’s such a nice song and he sounds so good. :’D

악퉁 (Achtung) – 최면 (Hypnopsis)

Achtung – one of the indie bands I discovered this year. They sure aren’t new to the music scene, in fact they’ve been around for years and years!

박시환 (Park Si Hwan) – 다만 그대를 (I Just Loved You)

Because I love Park Si Hwan. Though this isn’t my favourite of his songs, this is my favourite video. :3

젝스키스 (Sechskies) – 세 단어 (Three Words)

Sechskies is back under YG! And if you didn’t know, I love YG, haha. I also like Eun Ji Won. Aside from that, I really love this song.

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