Hangeulove: A New Beginning

Hangeulove Icon

I realised that I haven’t posted anything since moving the blog over (and it was done over exam period, lol! Queen of Procrastination is I) so here goes! As a summary of the previous post, I’m moving over to Hangeulove because DailyBap no longer reflects the blog’s present and future.

What I’m planning to do on Hangeulove is to be more proactive with blogging about Korean-related things I do in my life, such as interesting shows I watch, and generally what I do to maintain my Korean language ability (though it is not much 😅 and definitely cannot be compared to what Shanna of Hangukdrama does, lol). Also, as before, I want to continue sharing my other language learning processes, but they are honestly not as active/advanced as my Korean one, which is also why the blog is named so. I have to brush up on my Chinese and I’m going for a sign language workshop later this month! Really excited about that as I’ve been wanting to learn sign language for years.

Another thing is that I have been slacking off on my MLRs, partly because it was troublesome to film and edit videos to upload on YouTube, and I decided to try out Instagram as a platform, but then I was having a hard time adjusting back to school life after almost 10 years and just had no 여유 to think about MLRs. I want to include subtitles on all videos too, just so it’s more accessible. Now with YouTube allowing accounts to be separated from Google+ (and my previous channel being on my personal account), I have created a brand new YouTube channel that I hope to be using more actively. No promises because I always seem to unintentionally break them, lol.

Here’s to getting the hang of school by next semester and being able to do what I plan to do! 💪🏻


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