What is Hangeulove?

Hangeulove first started out as Daily Bap (see below), but has been given a new name, a combination of 한글 (Hangeul) and love, to better reflect the direction it had taken in recent years and will take in the future. Here’s to many more years of loving 한글! 😄

What is Daily Bap?


Daily Bap

dai•ly |ˈdeɪli| adverb
every day

bap |bʌp| noun
cooked rice (in Korean)

I love rice and eat rice daily so… 😀

This blog is a (somewhat visual) documentation of my Korean language learning journey. (Who am I, you ask?)

Since I need to touch up on my rusty Photoshop skills, I’ll kill two birds with one stone and post edits with words (in 한글, romanization, and English) so you can learn along with me! 😊 At the moment, I’m only doing vocabulary words. I might go on to grammar, sentence structures, and others later on.

I also blog about other sides of my journey, so look forward to those! 😊

I used to post daily photo edits with Korean words, but I got busy with life and mainly just blog about different parts of my Korean learning journey now. However, I might~ post photo edits now and then if I’ve got the time or am in the mood.

If you have any questions or have words you’d like to see in the 한국어 단어 category, please leave a comment! Alternatively, you may also mention (Twitter), ask (Tumblr) or email! I’ll try my best to answer. 🙂 (Be sure to check the Q&A first!) Also, if you spot any mistakes, please do let me know! 😊 Thank you~

DISCLAIMER: Instagram photos are mine; however photos edited on here do not belong to me unless otherwise stated. Free stock images are from freeimages.com.
Fonts used: Bakjeongha and Lemons Can Fly.

1 thought on “What is Hangeulove?”

  1. Hello. My name is Lan and I’m from Vietnam. I am very happy to find your blog. It is a pretty blog with many colorful photos and beautiful writing ^^ Thank you for sharing experiences.
    P/S: I love your “Korean Nom ” categories ^^ You are very good at cooking !


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