Ollie’s Korean Lessons! 올리의 한국어 배우기 도전!

I’ve been enjoying watching Korean Englishman for quite a while now. Earlier this year, Josh and Ollie started a new series on their new channel, Jolly, called Ollie’s Korean Lessons! 올리의 한국어 배우기 도전! where Josh teaches Ollie some Korean using TTMIK♡’s workbooks, and it is absolutely hilarious!

It really reminds me of the beginnings of my own Korean language learning journey so I especially enjoy this series. Can’t wait for the next season!


Hangeulove: A New Beginning

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I realised that I haven’t posted anything since moving the blog over (and it was done over exam period, lol! Queen of Procrastination is I) so here goes! As a summary of the previous post, I’m moving over to Hangeulove because DailyBap no longer reflects the blog’s present and future.

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From DailyBap to Hangeulove After 7 Years

TLDR; DailyBap is moving to Hangeulove.
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In a blink of an eye, it has been 7 years since I first created DailyBap on Tumblr, where I posted daily photo edits with their related Korean words, which was how I came up with its name. I mainly did it to help myself remember Korean words easily, and was glad when fellow Korean learners told me that it was helping them too. :)

However, personal life and work took over, and I found it hard to continue posting daily, which was why I stopped. Then one day, I had this genius idea that I wanted to start blogging again and thought I could turn DailyBap into a Korean learning progress blog, which till this day, I still doubt ever actually became one. ><; Anyway, I moved all of my Tumblr posts here and started updating more regularly, especially through Instagram posts.

Late of 2016, I came to the realisation that my blog name was no longer relevant to what I post and I wanted a name that would more accurately reflect the current and future of this blog, so I cracked my head and came up with Hangeulove! Because, you know, I love 한글 (Hangeul). Creative, right? (sarcasm) 🙄

In January 2017, I updated all of my social media channels to reflect the new name, but this blog was the hardest to do, as you cannot simply change the URL, WordPress would instead create a new blog with the new name and ask you to redirect visitors over from the old blog. I thought long and hard about whether I wanted to actually change the name and lose all of the analytics this blog had gained, and after months, I have finally decided that this would be the right move. If not now, when?

With this, I want to thank everyone who has visited this blog in the past years, even if you did accidentally stumble upon it as you were searching for B.A.P (true story, started happening after B.A.P made their debut, lol 😂 sorry for the disappointment!), and for leaving rare comments that let me know I am not always just talking to myself. I hope to see everyone over at the new blog, Hangeulove! 💕

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GENERAL; [Updated] KakaoTalk Open Chat with DailyBap

I wrote a post in September about KakaoTalk’s Open Chat function before, but it was only available in Korea then. Well, now it has finally rolled out to other countries! Shanna of Hangukdrama created a Self-studying Korean group chat room for fellow learners, so come join us to talk about anything related to Korea. :) The chat moves really fast at times so be forewarned that you’d be spammed. :p

Also, if you are using KakaoTalk and have any questions regarding learning Korean or KLI that are not in the Q&A section (do check the comments section as well!), go ahead and click the image below! I just might reply to you in real-time. ;)

General, Korean Apps

GENERAL; KakaoTalk Open Chat with DailyBap

So a while back, KakaoTalk came up with a new function called Open Chat! It allows you to chat with others without having to give out your ID or phone number. Great if you want to keep your privacy whilst chatting with strangers!

I get messages from all of my different SNS accounts and feel that it would be easier if I could get them all in one place. Since majority of Korean language learners have KakaoTalk, what better solution than this, right? You will also get faster replies from me! …depending on circumstances, lol. (This is not a sponsored post, by the way.)

So if you are using KakaoTalk and have any questions regarding learning Korean or KLI that aren’t in the Q&A section, go ahead and click the image below! I just might reply you in real time. ;)

[EDIT 20 Sep ’15] Oops, it would seem that it hasn’t been released for numbers outside of Korea yet. My bad. I’ll update again when it is.