Korean Celebrity Sightings


Pastor Johnny of 3rd Wave Music signing my CD! :D Seeing so many ELFs at the Singapore Indoor Stadium was awesome, though it made me sad that I wasn’t going for the concert tonight. At least I managed to catch PJ! ^^ /day made

PJ (while signing, looks at me): “Do you know Siwon is in this too?”
Me: /like an idiot “*-* Yeah~ *-*”

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AHAHAHAHAHAHA This was so funny.

Marsha and I were on our laptops in the hotel lobby because the wifi in our room sucked. I was waiting for a page to load and glanced up in time to see Siwon coming out of the elevators. I was like, “Marsha.” (She later said I whispered it.) When she didn’t react quick enough I elbowed her and was like, “MARSHA.” lol She was like, “What?” and I was sitting there pointing and I go, “It’s Siwon.” SURREAL MORNING. ahahahaha

xD It all happened so quick too! Ah~ WE SAW SIWON IN CLOSE PROXIMITY FOR THE FIRST TIME. :’) I have plenty more words to say, but I can’t right now, I’m too :’) reliving memories. <333

[EDIT~] GLORIOUS GLORIOUS DAY. I love how after a while, everyone’s just like, “SOMEONE’S COMING, SOMEONE’S COMING!! …oh, it’s Siwon again.” because of how many times he kept walking about. xD

Oh, I might as well add in my own, lmao.