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PERSONAL; Cleaning my room and I find treasure!

An envelope with the card that Face made for our 3rd MarshReyniversary and my birthday in advance, haha. Inside, I also put my SMTown ticket and the polariod of us. :D

Showed them to Mum, and she said that I should frame my SMTown ticket. I asked why and she said because it’s an expensive ticket. >_> This woman, forever trying to be funny with me.

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CONCERT; Korean Music Wave 2011 Singapore


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CONCERT; Thankful For Seeing Big Bang Again

At 12pm this afternoon, @teahearts and I managed to get tickets for Korean Music Wave 2011! :D We have a pretty good view from around the center. ^^ Hopefully it isn’t too far from the stage though, the standing pits look pretty long… Can’t wait to see Big Bang again! Plus they’re headlining with 2NE1. :D /spazzing all over

Out of the 10 bands that are performing, there are some bands that I already like (F.T Island, U-KISS, miss A, The Boss) and some I need to find out about (Teen Top, TOUCH, DAL★SHABET and X-5). xD

Forgot to reblog this last Sat, haha.

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CONCERT; Thankful For Seeing Super Junior Again & Again & Yet Again~

After having seen Super Junior at SMTown LA in Sep 2010, I found out that they were going to hold Super Show 3 in Singapore.

That’s not to say I regret paying that big amount to go to LA, because I saw my lovely online friends in SaMo and met new online friends in LA. It was probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The only thing I regret is not staying longer. I miss my time there every single day.

Anyhow, I digress. The moment the tickets for SS3 SG went on sale, my friend got mosh pit tickets for us. Due to complains that tickets sold out too fast, the organisers asked SJ if it was okay to extend it another day and they did. O_O We got sitting tickets this time. :p

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CONCERT; Thankful For Korean Pop Night Concert Ticket

I have been looking for Cat 3 tickets on the black market ever since the tickets went on sale and I missed my chance because I was stupidly looking for someone to go with. Tickets on Sistic sold out in less than half an hour.

I kept praying even after weeks of not finding any cheap tickets. When finally!, this guy said he was selling 2 for $380 so I emailed him and he replied, but ended up saying it was already reserved. -_- Idiot. Why reply me then?! I partially gave up and got less active in looking for tickets.

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