CONCERT; We Have Tickets to SMTown!


Well, we knew this 4 hours ago. We got tickets like RIGHT AFTER it went on sale. xD Cannot believe that Face managed to get those tickets! So crazy! Especially after she KO’d on me 3 times and I tried calling her 15 minutes and 5 minutes before the tickets went on sale. xD We did it, Face! <# We’re going to LA! And meet each other! And see Super Junior! :D Best afternoon-morning for me, ever. T_T

I seriously am still trying to take this all in. I AM IN SHOCK… that I’m doing this, lol. My parents don’t even know yet, and I have no idea how to tell them except that I’d only just asked them this afternoon about their thoughts on me going to LA. xD They weren’t thrilled, to say the least. I said it wasn’t confirmed yet (because at that time, we hadn’t gotten tickets), but now it is. O_O

I’ll be on a flight for 18 hours, with a stopover in Tokyo for both ways. O_O ALONE. O_O And then I’ll meet Face and we’ll have a good time with her (now our) hotel roommate. :D Omg, I’m finally meeting Face after 3 years! That’s crazy! :D

Okay, enough rambling and back to planning the trip. Yay Face! <#