Korean Merchandise

MERCH; You're Beautiful Pig Rabbit Mobile Charm

D334 301114; I bought it when I first went to Korea in 2011 and was happily using it when it slipped out and dropped onto the floor one day, both ears breaking off. I managed to find one ear, but the other is permanently lost. :( I have now glued that one ear back, years later. Time to use it again? Haha.

Korean Merchandise, Korean Music

K-MUSIC; My Signed iPhone 4s Case by Standing Egg's Egg 2

D311 071114; 아이폰6으로 바꾸어난 후 쓸 수 없게 뒨 내가 좋아하는 게이스! @standingegg2 의 사인까지 받았는데 ㅠㅠ 이제 새로운 게이스에 사인 다시 받아야겠지? ㅎ 언제 다시 받을 수 있으려나~