CONCERT; [15 Dec 2013] Standing Egg Shine Tour in Seoul

D349 K266 151213; Day 2 of Standing Egg’s Shine concert! Call me crazy, but it’s even crazier not to go when I’m leaving in a few days and don’t know when I can see them again. ;_; When tickets went on sale online 2 months ago, it was a mad fight to get good seats. After buying last night’s tickets for 세희 and I, I rushed to get tonight’s. I guess it was easier since I was going alone, but after a couple of misses and patience, I was sooo lucky to be able to get a seat right in front! All the better to see Egg 2! ;) I’m not a creeper, I swear, lol. Anyhow, that’s my seat right there. (^_^)v 귀국하기 전에 #한국 에서 3번째 그리고 마지막 스탠딩 에그 공연 역시 또 최고였다. ^^ (사실은 첫 공연 날 좀 더 재밌었지만.. ㅋㅋㅋ) 다음 콘서트 또 보러 갈 수 있었으면 좋겠다. 빨리 한국 가야지~ 언제나 어디든 응원하고 있을게요. 스탠딩 에그 화이팅!

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KOREA LIFE; Kofoo Plate

D349 K266 151213; SO DELICIOUS! Glad we decided to try it since it’s new and close to home. It’s slightly on the pricey side, but the taste makes up for it. I wouldn’t mind coming back here. ^^

KOREA LIFE; 귀국하기 싫다 ㅠㅠ

윤재한테 카톡이 왔다 밖에 보라고 눈이 비처럼 내린다고 ㅋㅋ 내 방 외창문이 없으니까 주방에 갔더니 이걸 봤다 ^^ 아쉽게 내가 집에서 짐을 싸고 있다는 사실… 밖에서 놀고 싶다 귀국하기 싫다란말야 ㅠㅠ

윤재 KaTalked me telling me to look outside because it was snowing like rain, haha. Since my room doesn’t have an outside facing window, I went to the kitchen and saw this. ^^ It’s such a pity that I’m packing my luggage at home… I want to go out and play. I don’t want to leave. T_T

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KOREA LIFE; 눈이 온다~~^^

눈이 온다~~^^ 새벽 5시에 3차 끝나고 노래방 나가려고 했을 땐 동건오빠가 밖에 난리났다고 밖으로 봤더니 오마이갓이었지 ㅋㅋ 밖에 다 하얗게 됐고~ 나두 난생처음 눈싸움을 했다! 시작했던 사람이 나일 수도… ㅎㅎㅎ 넘 재밌었다 ^^ 우리집 친구들 최고~! <3

It’s snowing~~^^ Finished 3rd round at 5am and was about to walk out of the 노래방 when 동건오빠 said that it was crazy outside. Upon looking out, OMG, haha. It turned all white outside! I also had my first snow fight! I might have also been the one who started it… hahaha. It was really fun. ^^ My friends are awesome~! <3

KOREA LIFE; It Snowed Again!

동건오빠가 보내준 동영상 ㅎ

눈이 또 왔다 오늘은 ^^ 근데 사실은 안에서 볼때만 이쁨 밖에서 진짜 전쟁이다 전쟁! 비랑 눈이 같이 왔고 바람도 장난 아니였다! 학교 나갔을 땐 목도리를 까먹고 안 해서 내 불쌍한 목이… 빨게 지고 아팠었다 흑 ㅠㅠ

It snowed again today. ^^ But to be honest, it’s only pretty when seen from indoors. Outside, it’s war! Rain and snow at the same time, and the wind was no joke! Forgot to wear my scarf when I got out of school, my poor neck… became red and painful. T_T