TRAVELS; 한국돈 Korean Money

Aha, took out my left over 财产 from my Korea trip with my friend in September/October 2011. Getting ready for Korea 2013! 고고씽~ ^^

KOREAN DIARY; 나이 이제 그만 먹어야지!! ㅠㅠ

이틀 전에 내 생일이었지만… 하~루종일 일을만 했었고 점심밥도 저녁밥도 되게 늦게 먹었다. 집에 도착 했을때 이미 오후10시… 뭔가 좀 아쉽고 슬퍼… ㅠㅠ 그런데 생일날에도 아무 특별한 느낌이도 없었다… 나이 먹을수록 그렇게 되는 건가? ㅎ 암튼 이제부터 좋은 일들이만 생겼으면 한다. ^^

작년 내 생일날에 한국에 있었다~! 그 날 아침엔 친구들이랑 YG 건물에 가는 중에 길을 잃었으니 내가 우리 앞에 계시는 경찰 아저씨에게 길을 물어봤더니 경찰 아저씨가 지도를 봤다가 “타!”라고 했었다! 그래서 우리 결찰차를 타고 YG 건물까지 갔었다. ㅋㅋ 짱이지!! 그것은 그 땐까지 내 인생에 최고의 경험인것 같다. ㅋㅋㅋ

그리고 오후에 Talk To Me In Korean의 사무실에 갔었고 선생님들이 만났었다! 전통식으로 TTMIK 폴라로이드 카메라로 사진을 찍었고 우리 디카로도 사진을 찍었다. ^^ 저녁 때 미경언니랑 새로운 친구들이 만났었다! 저녁밥은 현우쌤이 한턱냈다가 내 생일 케익까지 샀었고 쌤 집에서 조그만 파티를 했었다. 너무 감동적이었다! 다들에게 얼마나 고마운지도 모른다. ㅠㅠ ㅎㅎ 내 23살 생일날은 진짜 최고었다!

어휴~ 한국 보고 싶다! ㅠㅠ

(Originally posted on Lang-8.)

TRAVELS; Seoul for the Heart

My flight to Seoul is in under 5 hours, omg~ I have to leave the house in about 3-4 hours. Feeling really excited and nervous, lol. Flying on my own again, though this time it’s only for about 7 hours instead of 19 long hours.

It would be really fun to be able to practice all the Korean I’ve learnt so far! :D I just hope I don’t sound like an idiot, hahaha. Hopefully I’ll be able to find accessible wifi easily though friends who’re there now say that there’s wifi everywhere but not all are accessible. ><;;

TRAVELS; Packing for Korea

I’ll be in S. Korea for 8 days. I had been struggling with decisions on what to bring and what to wear (I’m wary because I know they care a lot about appearance, lol). In the end, after much digging in my wardrobe, I think I’ve overpacked, lol. OTL

I have 5 dresses, 4 t-shirts, 4 tops, 2 skirts and 4 leggings. 4 tops because they layer as well as mix-and-match with the skirts. I’m bringing extra t-shirts just in case I want to change or something.

I’m bringing a smaller luggage in a big one because I have a feeling that I’m going to shop a lot, lol. Thank God the weight limit for a carry-on is 12kg and check-in is 20kg. :p

(Taken with instagram)

TRAVELS; Grumble Grumble~

On the verge of throwing a tantrum over spending all day searching for available good and cheap hotels in Seoul. WHY DO I NOT HAVE A SECRETARY FOR THESE THINGS. Especially since the dates for this trip was decided so last minute, and most of the hotels have already been fully booked. ><;;

There’s a hotel that Hae and I like, but it always ends up having little things that put us off it. Ugh. I just hope we can get a good hotel in a good location that isn’t too pricey.

Thank God Dad has travel points that I can use to redeem roundtrip tickets on Korean Air or I’d just OTL over how much I’d be spending just on flight and hotel alone, even if it would never come as close to how much I spent for LA -_-.