TRAVELS; Packing for Korea

I’ll be in S. Korea for 8 days. I had been struggling with decisions on what to bring and what to wear (I’m wary because I know they care a lot about appearance, lol). In the end, after much digging in my wardrobe, I think I’ve overpacked, lol. OTL

I have 5 dresses, 4 t-shirts, 4 tops, 2 skirts and 4 leggings. 4 tops because they layer as well as mix-and-match with the skirts. I’m bringing extra t-shirts just in case I want to change or something.

I’m bringing a smaller luggage in a big one because I have a feeling that I’m going to shop a lot, lol. Thank God the weight limit for a carry-on is 12kg and check-in is 20kg. :p

(Taken with instagram)


TRAVELS; Grumble Grumble~

On the verge of throwing a tantrum over spending all day searching for available good and cheap hotels in Seoul. WHY DO I NOT HAVE A SECRETARY FOR THESE THINGS. Especially since the dates for this trip was decided so last minute, and most of the hotels have already been fully booked. ><;;

There’s a hotel that Hae and I like, but it always ends up having little things that put us off it. Ugh. I just hope we can get a good hotel in a good location that isn’t too pricey.

Thank God Dad has travel points that I can use to redeem roundtrip tickets on Korean Air or I’d just OTL over how much I’d be spending just on flight and hotel alone, even if it would never come as close to how much I spent for LA -_-.


ㅋㅋ Oops, I disappeared again, but I doubt anyone noticed anyway. xD

저는 다음 달에 서울에 갈거예요! ^^ 거기에서 내 생일 도 보내거예요. 정말 기대해요! ^^

I’m going to Seoul next month! ^^ I’m also going to spend my birthday there. Really looking forward to it! ^^

I’ll be there for a week with a friend, so Korean friends, or friends who have been to Korea, please recommend places (shopping/eating) in Seoul that I should go to! ^^ I can speak basic Korean and roughly know how to ask for directions, so go ahead and suggest away! ^^ Thank you~ <3