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[23 Jan 2016] Korean Learners Meet Up

It feels like it has been a long time since I attended the meet up as I missed out on the Christmas one last year.

It was great meeting new and old faces. :) And even though it was burning hot, it was fun bringing tourists around too. A first in our meet ups! Haha. Till the next one!

My photos under the cut.

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PERSONAL; A FriDate with Shanna♡

I saw a post on Banana Tree SG this morning, and immediately shared it with Shanna. In the end, we had a super impromptu date! Unfortunately, there was such a long queue that we decided to forgo it and walked all the way to Tanjong Pagar. We tried Sushi Burrito for the first time! It was so delicious. :3

Shanna heard that Everton had a lot of new cafés and such, so we went exploring! We just couldn’t walk pass an ice cream shop so we went in and got a scoop of dark chocolate to share. Yay for having similar tastes!

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TRAVELS; Touring Singapore with Seung Bae

It’s always fun to be a tourist in my own country, especially when showing foreigner friends around. :3

Seung Bae started following my Instagram account a while back and we conversed through comments before shifting to KakaoTalk a few days ago when he asked if we could meet for a meal. I already had dinner plans with Shanna, Lydia, Edna and Amber, so we decided to meet for lunch instead. (Dinner plans got cancelled in the end and changed to the Dragon Blade Gala Premiere, which Lydia had to cover.)

Shanna had the day off so I asked her along. We had lunch at Marina Square’s Galleria Food Court (my first time there! Food is pretty good, though kind of pricey), and showed him around the Esplanade rooftop and the Merlion (we made him do the tourist pose, lol). We also brought him to the 100th Starbucks store in Singapore.

I’m pretty directionally-challenged, so I hope he didn’t have too much of a hard time walking about, haha. I had a fun time touring around though. :p

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