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Discovering New Music #7

태연 (Taeyeon) – 11:11 (Acoustic Version)

Taeyeon is the only SNSD girl I completely adore. :’) This song is beautifully sad. The original is nice, but this acoustic version is even better. T_T

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CONCERT; Thankful For Korean Pop Night Concert Ticket

I have been looking for Cat 3 tickets on the black market ever since the tickets went on sale and I missed my chance because I was stupidly looking for someone to go with. Tickets on Sistic sold out in less than half an hour.

I kept praying even after weeks of not finding any cheap tickets. When finally!, this guy said he was selling 2 for $380 so I emailed him and he replied, but ended up saying it was already reserved. -_- Idiot. Why reply me then?! I partially gave up and got less active in looking for tickets.

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