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PERSONAL; A Korean Night!

D304 311014; A Korean night~ We initially planned for Mad for Garlic and then 노래방 but then we went to Shine Korea first and by the time we got to Mad for Garlic, there was a mad queue and we wouldn’t be able to make it in time for 노래방, so we got takeaway from Kimchi! It was a huge~ bowl! We should’ve shared one, lol. Let’s do it again! @mijingyo

D304 311014; No one goes into Shine Korea and comes out empty handed. :x

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KOREA LIFE; 이제 정말 끝이구나… ㅠㅠ

D353 K270 191213; 아이구 우리 사랑스러운 도경이 얼마나 기다렸길래.. 일찍 집에 들어올 줄 알았는데 새벽에 들어와서 내 문에 붙어 있는 편지를 보니 내가 더 미안하네 편지를 읽으면서 감동을 받아서 눈물이 나왔다 ㅎ 고마워 도경아~ 보고 싶을거야 또 보자!^^♡

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Korea Life 2013, Korean Food, Korean Stores

KOREA LIFE; Yay, Friend From Home!

D149 K65; 오예, @mijingyo 잘 도착했고 나랑 같이 점심 냠냠! ^^ Yay, Xing arrived safely and we had lunch together! ^^

D149 K65; 점심 먹고 커피 시간~! Coffee time after lunch~! @mijingyo

D149 K65; @mijingyo and I were having trouble finishing our late dinner of kimbap and mandu soup when I spotted a Korean girl who ordered a bowl of noodles and a side of kimbap. Whilst we were busy going “HALF HALF!” because of how full we both were, she finished all of her food!! She came in way after us but left before we did. O_O;;;;;

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KOREAN FOOD; 연세대학교 한국어학당 식당

D142 K58; 수업이 끝나고 내일 상황극 대회 우리 반 대표 팀과 연습 한 후 학교 식당에서 혼자 점심 먹기 ㅜ ㅎ After class and practice with my class representative team for tomorrow’s competition, lunch alone in the school’s cafeteria. T_T