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PERSONAL; My Western and Lunar Birthdays

What a week of birthday celebrations!

I usually only celebrate my western birthday (5th October), but this year, I decided to celebrate my lunar birthday (八月廿五 or 8th August on the lunar calendar) too! It just so happens that this year, my two birthdays were only two days apart, 5th and 7th October respectively. :D

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Singapore Travels

TRAVELS; Touring Singapore with Seung Bae

It’s always fun to be a tourist in my own country, especially when showing foreigner friends around. :3

Seung Bae started following my Instagram account a while back and we conversed through comments before shifting to KakaoTalk a few days ago when he asked if we could meet for a meal. I already had dinner plans with Shanna, Lydia, Edna and Amber, so we decided to meet for lunch instead. (Dinner plans got cancelled in the end and changed to the Dragon Blade Gala Premiere, which Lydia had to cover.)

Shanna had the day off so I asked her along. We had lunch at Marina Square’s Galleria Food Court (my first time there! Food is pretty good, though kind of pricey), and showed him around the Esplanade rooftop and the Merlion (we made him do the tourist pose, lol). We also brought him to the 100th Starbucks store in Singapore.

I’m pretty directionally-challenged, so I hope he didn’t have too much of a hard time walking about, haha. I had a fun time touring around though. :p

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Korean Language Learners Meet Up

MEET UP; [15 Nov 2014] Korean Language Learners Meet Up

D319 151114; The start of today’s Korean Language Learners Meetup! ^^

More photos under the cut and in Hangukdrama’s FB page album!

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Korea Life 2013, Korean Food, Korean Stores

KOREA LIFE; 마지막 노래방!

D349 K266 151213; 스탠딩 에그 공연과 팬사인회가 끝나자마자 친구들 만나러 달려갔다. 한국에서 내 마지막 노래방이었네. 슬프다. ㅠ 유우~ 왜 숨어? ㅋㅋ 사진 찍어준 이슈 고마워~ 부끄부끄 ^^* 롤리타가 먼저 가서 아쉬웠네. 좀 더 같이 놀걸!

D350 K267 161213; 노래방 끝나고 배고파서 하늘본닭 냠냠! ^^ ..내 마지막 하늘본닭 ㅠㅠ