Korean Language Learners Meet Up

MEET UP; Korean Language Learners Christmas Potluck Party!

D336 021214; Korean learners and Koreans in Singapore, come join us for a Christmas potluck party! 히히힛 나 이런 모임 제일 좋아한다니까. 뭐니뭐니해도 나랑 비슷한 취미를 가진 사람들과 함께 하는 모임이 최고라고 생각한다! 한국어를 배우고 있는 사람들과 한국 사람들 환영합니다! ^^
Details here: http://bit.ly/kllsgchristmas2014

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MERCH; BIGBANG Crownstick!

OMG. T_T @ddongkojin @rizzle_d @latsyrc_ Which of you precious unnies got me these? THANK YOU VERY KAMSA. T_T Lol @ the T.O.P socks, guess that counts as getting me him for Christmas! xD Sadly, the lightstick box got squashed in the mail and a small part of the lightstick is broken, but nothing that can’t be glued back so it’s all good! :D

[EDIT] Oh, it was @latsyrc_! THANK YOU, HAE~~~ <3