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TRAVELS; [1 Jun 2015] Korea Day 16 – Incheon: Incheon International Airport

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KOREA LIFE; Yay, Friend From Home!

D149 K65; 오예, @mijingyo 잘 도착했고 나랑 같이 점심 냠냠! ^^ Yay, Xing arrived safely and we had lunch together! ^^

D149 K65; 점심 먹고 커피 시간~! Coffee time after lunch~! @mijingyo

D149 K65; @mijingyo and I were having trouble finishing our late dinner of kimbap and mandu soup when I spotted a Korean girl who ordered a bowl of noodles and a side of kimbap. Whilst we were busy going “HALF HALF!” because of how full we both were, she finished all of her food!! She came in way after us but left before we did. O_O;;;;;

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KOREA LIFE; Japanese Snacks, Meet Up with Changhyeon!

D140 K56; 마이가 일본 돌아가서 사 온 간식! 땡큐 베리 마치! ^^ 어릴때 생각이 나네… 그땐 아빠가 일본 출장 많이 갔었는데… 간식도 많이 사줬고… ㅎ 일본 간식 짱! ^^

D140 K56; 여긴 너무 예쁘고 재밌다! 커피도 맛있고~ 그리고 오랜만에 창현씨 만났네! 싱가폴에서 첨 만났으니까 한 일년쯤 됐나? ㅎ 암튼 참 반가웠어요 ^^ 시간이 되면 또 만나요!