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TRAVELS; [26 May 2015] Korea Day 10 – Jeonju: Jeonju Hanok Village

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Korean Merchandise

MERCH; You're Beautiful Pig Rabbit Mobile Charm

D334 301114; I bought it when I first went to Korea in 2011 and was happily using it when it slipped out and dropped onto the floor one day, both ears breaking off. I managed to find one ear, but the other is permanently lost. :( I have now glued that one ear back, years later. Time to use it again? Haha.

Monthly Language Report, Personal Life

MLR; #4 요즘 좀 바쁜 나의 삶

Marsha’s Monthly Language Report #4: My Current Rather Busy Life
Join in the language learning fun!

Find out what I’ve been doing in the month that I didn’t manage to film an MLR! I also filmed this late at night, so forgive my ramblings, I was really tired. Haha.

Subtitles available in Korean and English.

제가 MLR를 못 찍던 달엔 무엇을 했는지 알고 싶으세요? 그럼 이 비디오를 꼭 보세요~ ^^ 밤늦게 찍었으니까 멘붕이 와서 용서해주세요, 너무 피곤했었어요. ㅎㅎ

한국어과 영어 자막이 있습니다.

BGM: Standing Egg – 내게 기대 (Feat. 박세영) (Inst.)