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2016: Starting My 6th Year of Learning Korean

I was looking through my Timehop the other day and realised that I actually accomplished my Korean language goal for 2013 in 2014!

Unfortunately, there wasn’t much progress in 2015. Or rather, none that I can see anyway. Though one good thing is that my Korean friends have been telling me that my proficiency is still the same as before. Phew! :)

I guess I’m just never satisfied with whatever level of proficiency I’m at. One thing evident of all my TOPIK results is that whilst my listening is my strongest point, my writing is the worst. I hope to do something about that this year.

Whether or not my work would allow for that is another matter. T_T I had planned to read more last year so that my writing would improve, but work took up so much of my time that I only read 1.5 books! D: I really don’t want to waste anymore of my remaining youth working out of office hours; I need to do more things that make me happy! We’ll see how that works out too. :)

I hope everyone has a great year ahead and accomplishes all of their language goals!

Personal Life

PERSONAL; My Western and Lunar Birthdays

What a week of birthday celebrations!

I usually only celebrate my western birthday (5th October), but this year, I decided to celebrate my lunar birthday (八月廿五 or 8th August on the lunar calendar) too! It just so happens that this year, my two birthdays were only two days apart, 5th and 7th October respectively. :D

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Korean Language Learners Meet Up

MEET UP; Korean Language Learners Christmas Potluck Party!

D336 021214; Korean learners and Koreans in Singapore, come join us for a Christmas potluck party! 히히힛 나 이런 모임 제일 좋아한다니까. 뭐니뭐니해도 나랑 비슷한 취미를 가진 사람들과 함께 하는 모임이 최고라고 생각한다! 한국어를 배우고 있는 사람들과 한국 사람들 환영합니다! ^^
Details here: http://bit.ly/kllsgchristmas2014

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MISC; KakaoTalk Snow, Standing Egg 2's Reply

D335 011214; So the first snow came this morning in Korea, and it also started snowing (those white specks were coming down my screen) in my KakaoTalk! Mine is still tied to my Korean phone number, so I excitedly told my friends about it. xD P.S. The dog’s name is Frodo.

D335 011214; The Korean indie band I love the most. ㅋㅋㅋ 에그2호님 센스쟁이! 나중에 스탠딩에그 공연 다시 가야하니까 목 안 빠지게 조심할게요!❤️❤️❤️

Korean Language Learners Meet Up

MEET UP; [15 Nov 2014] Korean Language Learners Meet Up

D319 151114; The start of today’s Korean Language Learners Meetup! ^^

More photos under the cut and in Hangukdrama’s FB page album!

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K-MUSIC; Standing Egg 맘에 걸려 Wallpaper

D307 031114; 힛 이번에 진짜 예쁜 배경화면을 주셨다 너무 맘에 들다 ♡ 모델 얼굴 궁금하긴 한데 이런 신비로운것도 좋다 ㅋㅋ

배경화면 다운로드 Download Wallpaper
(Credit: Standing Egg Facebook)

Korean Language Learners Meet Up

MEET UP; Korean Language Learners Meet Up on 15 Nov 2014

There’s going to be another Korean Language Learners Meetup on Nov 15 for those who are in Singapore!

Feel free to join us, invite friends who are learning Korean or even Korean friends for a mass chill out session. Look forward to seeing you there! ^^

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PERSONAL; A Teacher's Pick-Me-Up Comment :)

D247 040914; 힘들고 지칠 때 조샘이 쓴 글을 다시 읽고 힐링~ 정말 고마운 샘이다^^ 아.. 어학당에 남자 선생님이 많지 않아서 내 첫 선생님이 젊은 조샘이라는거 친구들이 부러웠다는 기억 ㅋㅋ 팬클럽도 있다던데! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 에휴! 한국에 있던 시간 너무나 그립다ㅠ 좀만 기다려라~ 내가 간다!

Whenever I’m having a difficult time or just sick of it all, I re-read my teacher’s comment and all is good again~ I’m really thankful to him^^ Ah.. I remember my friends were envious because there weren’t many male teachers in KLI and my first teacher happened to be this young male teacher, haha. I heard that he even had a fan club! Hahaha. Sigh! I really miss my time in Korea. T_T Wait a little while~ I’ll be there!