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Korean Family and Kinship Terms

Being a Singaporean Chinese, I know most Chinese family and kinship terms, but I only know the basic Korean ones, so I’ve been trying to find a list since forever.

I’m glad I stumbled upon this detailed list. It’s going to be so useful especially now that it’s the Lunar New Year and Korean friends have been asking how I spend it.

the talking cupboard

I’m sure some of you who watch kdramas are already familiar with the titles used in the family, as in how a  person address his or her family members. I got used to hear a servant or maid calling the young master and miss as doryeonnim (도련님) and agasshi (아가씨) in dramas but when I watched another dramas, I was surprised to hear a woman addressing her younger brother and sister-in-law as doryeonnim and agasshi. I then realized that there are various ways of calling your relatives in Korean culture. It’s not as simple as uncles and aunts!

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Personal Life

PERSONAL; My Western and Lunar Birthdays

What a week of birthday celebrations!

I usually only celebrate my western birthday (5th October), but this year, I decided to celebrate my lunar birthday (八月廿五 or 8th August on the lunar calendar) too! It just so happens that this year, my two birthdays were only two days apart, 5th and 7th October respectively. :D

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Other Asian Food


D284 111014; 부모님이 사오신 코코이찌방야~ 오랜만에 먹는다! 마지막은 한국에서 ㅋㅋ 참 반어적인 건 여기도 있다는거 한국에 있었을 때만 알았다;; 원래 일본 카레 달콤해서 별로 안 좋아했는데 한국에서 이걸 매운걸로 먹고 좋아졌다^^

Korean Food, Korean Stores

KOREAN FOOD; 비빔냉면, 떡볶이, 야채튀김

D128 080514; After not being able to catch a glimpse of my niece, mum and I said our goodbyes and went for dinner. Korean food~~ My 비빔냉면 had a very pathetic piece of meat on top. I miss Korea, lol.

Personal Life

PERSONAL; 무사히 잘 돌아왔습니다

D354 K271 201213; 아빠 덕분에 오랜만에 싱가포르 항공을 타게 됐다 ^^ 좋긴 좋은데 한국 떠나기 진짜 싫다 ㅠㅠ

D354 K271 201213; 엄마를 보자마자 무지 반가워서 막 울었던 순간.. 아빠한테 찍였네 ㅎㅎ;;