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TRAVELS; [1 Jun 2015] Korea Day 16 – Incheon: Incheon International Airport

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KOREA LIFE; 한국 일상, 시험 결정

D123 K40; 학교 가는 길에 어떤 할미가 꽃의 중간에 서 있더라고. 한순간에 “뭐하시는거지?” 생각을 들었는데 할배가 사진 찍고 있는 거 알게 됐다 ㅎㅎ 게다가 할미 예쁘게 찍으시려고 한참 동안 그렇게 서 계셨다. 완전 귀엽다!! ^^ 나도.. 나중에.. 그렇게 되겠지? ㅜ

On the way to school, I saw a granny standing in the midst of flowers. I was wondering what she was doing, when I spotted the grandpa taking a photo of her, haha. I guess he was trying to take a good photo because he stood like that for quite a while. Really cute!! ^^ I’ll be.. like that.. someday too, right? ;_;

D123 K40; 시험 결정을 나왔다! 4급으로 바꿨으니까 죽을 줄 알았는데 깜놀 잘했으니까 기쁨! ^^ 부모님게 칭찬을 받고 싶었서 찍었당~ ㅎㅎㅎ

D123 K40; Such a cute little cafe! ^^ Thanks to @cloudsteel for introducing~

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KOREA LIFE; End of Spring? ;_;

D112 K29; Really sad that everything is turning green… :(

D112 K29; These trees at school are late bloomers.

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KOREA LIFE; Cherry Blossoms~! ♡

D105 K22; So this is what happens when I get stuck at home prepping for exam: cherry blossoms blooming near home!

D105 K22; Love walking to school and seeing this beautiful sight. ^^

D105 K22; Marissa and I left LanguageCast early, and this guy was busking. He’s actually pretty darn good! ^^