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PERSONAL; A FriDate with Shanna♡

I saw a post on Banana Tree SG this morning, and immediately shared it with Shanna. In the end, we had a super impromptu date! Unfortunately, there was such a long queue that we decided to forgo it and walked all the way to Tanjong Pagar. We tried Sushi Burrito for the first time! It was so delicious. :3

Shanna heard that Everton had a lot of new cafés and such, so we went exploring! We just couldn’t walk pass an ice cream shop so we went in and got a scoop of dark chocolate to share. Yay for having similar tastes!

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D284 111014; 부모님이 사오신 코코이찌방야~ 오랜만에 먹는다! 마지막은 한국에서 ㅋㅋ 참 반어적인 건 여기도 있다는거 한국에 있었을 때만 알았다;; 원래 일본 카레 달콤해서 별로 안 좋아했는데 한국에서 이걸 매운걸로 먹고 좋아졌다^^

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KOREA LIFE; 마지막 인사

D351 K268 171213; 힛 사쿠라가 데려가준 일본식당에서 우리 둘이 찍었던 동영상들^^ 넘 맛있었어~~♡ #marshvideo

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