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CONTEST; KBS World Radio’s Korean Language Video Contest Draw Winner Prize

D294 211014; I participated in KBS World Radio’s ‘SPEAK IN KOREAN!’ contest in July, and whilst I didn’t make it into the Top 10, I was picked as a Draw Winner. I finally got my prize today – a KBS watch. Thanks, but I don’t wear watches; I would rather have a K-pop CD, lol. #marshvideo

Korean Events, Korean Learning Journey, Korean Radio

CONTEST; KBS World Radio's Korean Language Video Contest Preliminaries Results


Aww, unfortunately neither me nor my 2 friends got into the Top 10, but we are draw winners! …whatever that means. The website gives no hint at all, and it seems everyone who participated are draw winners. -_-

Anyway, those who didn’t participate in the video contest, they have events going on as well! Now it’s a “Hangul & Image Matching” event, so try your luck!


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CONTEST; KBS World Radio's Korean Language Video Contest

When Constance first KaTalk’d me the link early last month, I told myself I’d do it. Of course, procrastination at its best and being busy with life, I filmed and uploaded it on closing day. -_- Hopefully my entry gets through though I submitted it rather late, lol. It got through! I just had to be patient and wait for a moderator to approve my entry, lol.

Anyway, this is my entry for KBS World Radio’s Korean Language Video Contest ‘SPEAK IN KOREAN!’.

I chose the second topic, “How I Study Korean”.

D195 140714; 바보처럼 날짜를 잘못 써서 다시 올렸.. ㅡㅡ 그런데 공모전 홈페이지에서 내 출품작을 안 보이네.. 내가 제대로 하긴 했나? ..너무 늦었나? ㅠ 아님 내 마음이 급한건가? 암튼 여러분 많이 응원해주세요!

Please support me by watching and liking the video, thank you! ^^

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K-RADIO; B2ST on Kiss The Radio

내일의 면접을 위해 언어 테스트를 준비하고 있으면서 키스더라디오를 듣고 있는데 갑자기 비스트?!?! ㅎㅎ

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K-RADIO; 키스 더 라디오 – 김영희 & 서태훈

요즘 키스더라디오 거의 매일 밤도 듣는데 오늘밤 드디오 보이는 라디오! ㅎㅎ 내가 좋아하는 개그우희 김영희도 나오네! ^^

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LEARNING JOURNEY; Listening & Understanding

Omg, Sungkyunkwan Scandal is on TV! Watching it again is so much more fun now that I can understand lots more than I did in 2010. Plus I can identify the old ways of speaking! Hehehe.

This drama means so much to me because it got me through a hard time at work back then. So much love. Also, yay for the end of exams!

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KOREA LIFE; Just Another Day

D153 K69; Girls, if you do your laundry, it would be basic manners to take it out when it’s done, instead of leaving it in there for hours, so other people can do theirs too. ;/

D153 K69; 난 그 아이였으면… ㅠㅠ ㅎㅎ @solashin