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TRAVELS; [18 May 2015] Korea Day 3 – Seoul: Hongdae, LanguageCast, Sinchon

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Korean Language Learners Meet Up

MEET UP; Yay, Another Meet Up!


For those familiar with Hangukdrama, there’s going to be a meet up on the 29th of March! ^^

It’s been a long time coming, and I’m excited to be going since I’ve been back home for 3 months and I miss going to LanguageCast. Or maybe I just miss Seoul in general? Haha. (I really am homesick for Seoul. 향수병에 심하게 걸렸나봐요. ㅠㅠ) I really miss all of my friends there too. T_T

Anyway, those who are in Singapore, do come and join in the fun! I always have such a good time meeting old and new friends. ^^

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Q&A; Yonsei Korean Language Institute

2013 Fall Term Graduation Ceremony
(2013 Fall Term Level 6 Graduation Trip / 2013 Fall Term Level 6 Graduation Debate)

Wow, has it really been a year since my last post? I really thought I’d be able to update with all my experiences whilst in Korea, but I just couldn’t afford the time to. Yonsei KLI’s Regular Program was really intensive! I also got really busy when I came home, hence the quietness.

A couple of weeks ago, I got an email asking me about KLI, and since I’ve been getting similar questions, I thought I’d just put them into a list for easy reference. Any future questions will also be added here. Please check if your question has been answered before asking.

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KOREA LIFE; Cherry Blossoms~! ♡

D105 K22; So this is what happens when I get stuck at home prepping for exam: cherry blossoms blooming near home!

D105 K22; Love walking to school and seeing this beautiful sight. ^^

D105 K22; Marissa and I left LanguageCast early, and this guy was busking. He’s actually pretty darn good! ^^