Korea Life 2013

KOREA LIFE; It Snowed Again!

동건오빠가 보내준 동영상 ㅎ

눈이 또 왔다 오늘은 ^^ 근데 사실은 안에서 볼때만 이쁨 밖에서 진짜 전쟁이다 전쟁! 비랑 눈이 같이 왔고 바람도 장난 아니였다! 학교 나갔을 땐 목도리를 까먹고 안 해서 내 불쌍한 목이… 빨게 지고 아팠었다 흑 ㅠㅠ

It snowed again today. ^^ But to be honest, it’s only pretty when seen from indoors. Outside, it’s war! Rain and snow at the same time, and the wind was no joke! Forgot to wear my scarf when I got out of school, my poor neck… became red and painful. T_T

Korea Life 2013

KOREA LIFE; Seoul's First Snow!

우왕! 오늘은 서울의 첫눈이 내렸다~~ 내 인생의 첫눈이기도 함 ^^ 4월에 잠깐 봤던거 빼고 ㅎㅎ 춥다!!

Wow! Seoul’s first snow today~~ Also the first snow in my entire life. ^^ Not counting the really short one in April, haha. It’s cold!!

Korea Life 2013

KOREA LIFE; Witnessed a Traffic Accident

Omg… Witnessed a motorcyclist-pedestrian traffic accident on the way out for lunch with Mum. O_O

The motorcyclist knocked down a girl who was apparently using her phone and didn’t see him coming. I heard a loud bang and turned around to see the guy slide with the bike and her lying on the ground. A passerby, his friends and I went towards her, I saw lots of blood dripping from her head, so I quickly took out tissues from my bag. My hands were shaky.

One of his friends called 119, whilst another picked up her glasses. I picked up her phone, casing and battery that was scattered. He helped her cross the road to sit on the other side. Her blood wouldn’t stop dripping. The police came and asked if we were friends, we said we were just passing by. At least she could tell the police her name, age and phone number. She was in a daze and said she felt dizzy. A guy from a restaurant came out and passed me a whole stack of serviettes.

The police asked if I was Korean, I said no. He asked the guy’s friend if he was Korean and told him to call 119 again. The guy who was pressing tissues to her head was shaking with fear. The ambulance then came and he brought her to the ambulance whilst I brought her glasses and phone over.

We hung around and the paramedics did their stuff, then we left. I didn’t notice if the motorcyclist guy was badly injured but he didn’t seem to be able to get up; apparently he was taken away first. Sigh, I hope they’ll both recover fast.


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Korean Concerts

CONCERT; [28 Sep 2012] BIGBANG Alive Tour in Singapore

핸드폰으로 찍었던 사진들 중에 탑오빠 제일 잘 나온게 이것 뿐 ㅠㅠ 내일 카메라 꼭 가져가야돼 ㅋ 오늘밤의 콘서트 너무 좋았었는데 팬들이 좀 그랬어 ㅡㅡ 콘서트 가면 거기에 그냥 서 있구 팬챈트도 안하면 뭐해.. 도대체 왜 콘서트 가는거야?! 집에서 유튜브나 보지!! >_>

Korean Learning Journey

LEARNING JOURNEY; TOPIK Preparation Progress

I WILL CONQUER YOU. Just finished the grammar and vocab portions of a past paper. Feeling rather depressed, but it seems I might be able to get a Level 3! If I can even get a Level 3 for someone at my standard, it’s pretty good already, no? /trying to console self

Korean Celebrity Sightings


Pastor Johnny of 3rd Wave Music signing my CD! :D Seeing so many ELFs at the Singapore Indoor Stadium was awesome, though it made me sad that I wasn’t going for the concert tonight. At least I managed to catch PJ! ^^ /day made

PJ (while signing, looks at me): “Do you know Siwon is in this too?”
Me: /like an idiot “*-* Yeah~ *-*”