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PERSONAL; 내 생일이니까 ㅋㅋ

D277 041014; ㅋㅋㅋ 시차 때문에 조금 일찍 확인하게 됐지만 땡큐 카카오~^^

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KOREAN FOOD; 붕어빵 아이스크림, Mad For Garlic

D207 260714; 싱가폴 돌아온 후 드디어 붕어빵을 사먹었다! 돈 아끼려고 했는데 못 참아서 ㅎ

D207 260714; 가보고 싶었던 식당에 드디어 가봤다! #GarlicSnowingPizza 가 둘이 먹다 하나 죽어도 모를 정도 맛있었다! 완전 추천!!! 그걸 먹으러 다시 가야겠!

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MISC; L'étoile Café

It has been a while since I last met up with Constance so we had a date on Saturday. ^^ We went to the Cats of the World photo exhibition and then to a random café! Random because we didn’t plan beforehand; we decided at the exhibition after I showed her the food photos on Hangukdrama, haha!

I had been meaning to visit this café for a while now after all the good reviews, and I’ll say that though the interior is pretty and the food was good, I really didn’t quite enjoy sitting on the first floor because the staff were talking loudly amongst themselves hence ruining the otherwise good ambiance. I’ll make sure to go to the second floor if I should ever go back there. We were there from 5~8pm, and the place looks pretty no matter day or night.

More photos under the cut!

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