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Challenging Myself Again – 49th TOPIK Registration

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I initially wasn’t intending to take up TOPIK this year.

Okay, I guess I was kind of on the fence, and then decided it wouldn’t be wise to waste S$80 when I’m not sure I’d have enough time to study since I keep working over weekends and I haven’t been doing any studying since I came back from Korea almost 3 years ago.

But! I realise they’re all EXCUSES. I just need to firmly set aside time to study.

So… I signed up for TOPIK and paid the exam fee just 3 hours shy of writing this. Now that I’ve paid, there’s really no going back. I definitely have to study; there’s not much time left.

What is rest? Non-existent in my dictionary for the next two months. ><

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Self-study Korean with Yonsei KLI on YouTube!

So I stumbled upon Yonsei KLI’s YouTube! I didn’t even know they had a YouTube, so I scrolled through and noticed it was only created at the end of 2015.

If you didn’t know, I studied in Yonsei KLI Level 4~6 in 2013, and I loved it!

으리 데이앤데이 이모티콘

I haven’t watched through all of them, but seeing as how slowly the teachers speak in the few I fast forwarded through, I think they are mainly teaching beginner Korean, including grammar points and vocabulary. I’m not sure why, but some have subtitles, while others don’t. Either way, it seems like a good resource for self-learners!

Here are some samples:

(The guy in the below video looks so familiar! I think I saw him around school before.)

The rest can be found on their YouTube here.

More Korean language learning resources can be found here.

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K-MUSIC; Discovering New Music #1

I realised that it’s been a while since I wrote an actual post. The bulk of my posts are Instagram photos, haha, and I also tend to write in Korean a lot (my skills have seen a huge drop since returning home and I’m trying to prevent further damage). Most of you seem to be beginner to intermediate learners so I will try to cater to that. Moving on…

In a completely failed attempt at trying to stay focused on studying for next week’s TOPIK, I have ignored my MacBook Pro in favour of my iPad Mini, and this resulted in a lot of video watching radio listening. Hence, I have discovered a lot of songs that I really enjoy and would like to share them with you along with other old favourites. ^^

Here’s the first five:

갈릭스 (Garlixx) – 잘생겼잖아

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