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K-RADIO; Super Junior Kiss the Radio – Kangin

D273 300914; 오늘은 강디! @kanginnim 요즘 집에서만 공부하니까 이런 노잼 사진들이 점점 많아지고 있네;; ㅎ 그래도 재밌는 라디오를 들으면서 공부하니까 좋다^^

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KOREA LIFE; Summer Weather, Cute Stationery

D141 K57; Really?! This is the lowest I’ve seen in the past week! I kinda miss below 0°C nights, lol. I should also go to bed now. Class starts in 6 hours. Dx

D141 K57; As cute as these are, they fail. The adhesive comes off after each removal till it eventually just doesn’t stick anymore. -_-