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TRAVELS; [16 May 2015] Korea Day 1 – Seoul: Ssamzigil, Bukchon Hanok Village

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한국어 단어 Korean Words

KOREAN WORD; 노을 Sunset

Yesterday’s sunset. Because I’m so good at procrastinating.

Sorry, I know it’s been a long time since I posted a word (헐, last September! So much for the daily in DailyBap. -_-;;), and this is kind of cheating since I didn’t actually do any editing (wonders of nature!) except for the word. xD

To be honest, I was thinking of leaving out the romanisation from now on. When I started DailyBap, I already had no need for it, but I thought it would be helpful for others. Halfway along, I realised how inaccurate romanisations were in relative to pronunciation and really disliked using it.

My dears, it’s the new year. If you’re even in the least bit interested in the Korean language, I’m sure you’d put in the effort to learn 한글, right? :) I learnt it in a day (with lots of distractions because I have a short attention span. Even typing this post is taking me forever;;) back in 2010, so you can do it too! 화이팅! ^^