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49th TOPIK Results – Level 5 Again

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Results of the 49th TOPIK were released at 3PM (KST) on Thursday, 22 Dec, but I was down for a whole week with a bad cold and wasn’t able to blog then.

Anyhow, here are my results! I’m revealing it in full again, because even though I didn’t get to study as much as I’d like (partly due to applying late and working at home on weekends) and wasn’t expecting much, I’m glad that I not only managed to maintain my standards without actively studying in the past two years, I also improved slightly, especially in the written section. I did put in a little more effort into writing, so I’m hoping that’s what did the trick. :p


I seriously thought I screwed it up after the exam ended, but phew! Though I’ve missed my Level 6 yet again, I’m okay because I know that I’m almost there!

I hope everyone got the results you were hoping for! And if you didn’t, it’s okay, don’t give up! Let’s work hard towards our goals together. :)

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한글날 Hangeul Day 2016

오늘은 한글날이다! 다 알다시피 내가 한글을 얼마나 좋아한다는 것. ^^

그래서 오늘은 한국어 능력 시험 공부했다. 듣기 기출 문제 풀었는데 84점이 나왔다. 헤헷! 시험 때 경솔한 실수만 안 하면… 이대로~

근데 듣기는 항상 제일 높은 점수를 받기 때문에 그렇게 걱정하지 않은데 쓰기 제일 큰 문제이다. ㅠㅠ 매번도 똑같이 제일 낮은 점수를 받은 부분이라 매번도 똑같은 걱정… ㅠㅠ

40일 남았으니까 시험 날까지 기 죽지 말자. 한국어 능력 시험 볼 친구들도 힘냅시다! 아자 아자!

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MLR; #5 짧고 간단한 업데이트

Marsha’s Monthly Language Report #5: Short and Simple Update
Join in the language learning fun!

New year, new challenges! :D Just a short and simple update.

Subtitles available in Korean and English.

새해, 새 도전! ^^ 그냥 짧고 간단한 업데이트!

한국어과 영어 자막이 있습니다.

BGM: Standing Egg – 너를 (Inst.)

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K-MUSIC; Discovering New Music #1

I realised that it’s been a while since I wrote an actual post. The bulk of my posts are Instagram photos, haha, and I also tend to write in Korean a lot (my skills have seen a huge drop since returning home and I’m trying to prevent further damage). Most of you seem to be beginner to intermediate learners so I will try to cater to that. Moving on…

In a completely failed attempt at trying to stay focused on studying for next week’s TOPIK, I have ignored my MacBook Pro in favour of my iPad Mini, and this resulted in a lot of video watching radio listening. Hence, I have discovered a lot of songs that I really enjoy and would like to share them with you along with other old favourites. ^^

Here’s the first five:

갈릭스 (Garlixx) – 잘생겼잖아

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K-RADIO; Super Junior Kiss the Radio – Kangin

D273 300914; 오늘은 강디! @kanginnim 요즘 집에서만 공부하니까 이런 노잼 사진들이 점점 많아지고 있네;; ㅎ 그래도 재밌는 라디오를 들으면서 공부하니까 좋다^^

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K-MUSIC; iTunes Free Single of the Week – Royal Pirates, Super Junior Kiss The Radio – Eunhyuk

D272 290914; 우와 이번 주의 무료 아이튠즈 싱글은 로열 파이럿츠의 Betting Everything! @rpmoonchul @rpsy89 @jamesjhl ^^

D272 290914; ㅎㅎㅎ 슈키라 “슈퍼주니어 위크”의 첫 DJ는 @eunhyukee44 은디다! 너무 오랜만이라서 정말 반가워요 더듬했는데도 짱 웃겼고 잘하셨어요! 오늘은 수고하셨고 잘 들어가세요! ^^

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D265 220914; 토픽 D-20 나와 함께 재밌는 한국어 공부 시간 보내는 것들! 한국에 있었을 때보다 내 한국어 실력이 너무 많이 나빠져서 이번에 진짜 6급을 따려면 미친듯이 열공해야겠다 ㅠ

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I just registered for TOPIK again.

I’m reminded of two years ago when I took both Beginner and Intermediate on the same day; came out at the end of it all with my brain completely fried, lol. At least I’m taking it 6 months apart this time, though it’s the same level.

I’m worried about the change in format, but it shouldn’t be too big of a factor in how I perform. …I hope.

이번에 6급을 꼭 합격하겠으~!!