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KOREA LIFE; Just Another Day

D153 K69; Girls, if you do your laundry, it would be basic manners to take it out when it’s done, instead of leaving it in there for hours, so other people can do theirs too. ;/

D153 K69; 난 그 아이였으면… ㅠㅠ ㅎㅎ @solashin

Personal Life


LOL, why is my ex-manager like this? I’m at a lost for words since I was only joking, lmao.

Have to thank him for his kindness though, he’s a great friend that I’ve known for about 6-7 years. :) I occasionally drop by my old workplace (it’s only a block away from home) to talk to him and catch up, and he lends me his discount card, hahaha.

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LEARNING JOURNEY; Rosetta Stone on Discount?!

…my dad would not want to know that Rosetta Stone is now having a 66% discount when he spent over $400 on the Korean one for me. OTL

^ That was in regards to Rosetta Stone, not my dad.

But why did he have to go buy it anyway?! I could’ve just torrented! …even if it’s without the headset and 3 months free online services thing. I’m really thankful, but /guilt-ridden forever.

I really have to master Korean now and make up for my guilt-ridden feelings.