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TRAVELS; 인사동 Insadong, 신촌 Sinchon

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Korea Life 2013

KOREA LIFE; Witnessed a Traffic Accident

Omg… Witnessed a motorcyclist-pedestrian traffic accident on the way out for lunch with Mum. O_O

The motorcyclist knocked down a girl who was apparently using her phone and didn’t see him coming. I heard a loud bang and turned around to see the guy slide with the bike and her lying on the ground. A passerby, his friends and I went towards her, I saw lots of blood dripping from her head, so I quickly took out tissues from my bag. My hands were shaky.

One of his friends called 119, whilst another picked up her glasses. I picked up her phone, casing and battery that was scattered. He helped her cross the road to sit on the other side. Her blood wouldn’t stop dripping. The police came and asked if we were friends, we said we were just passing by. At least she could tell the police her name, age and phone number. She was in a daze and said she felt dizzy. A guy from a restaurant came out and passed me a whole stack of serviettes.

The police asked if I was Korean, I said no. He asked the guy’s friend if he was Korean and told him to call 119 again. The guy who was pressing tissues to her head was shaking with fear. The ambulance then came and he brought her to the ambulance whilst I brought her glasses and phone over.

We hung around and the paramedics did their stuff, then we left. I didn’t notice if the motorcyclist guy was badly injured but he didn’t seem to be able to get up; apparently he was taken away first. Sigh, I hope they’ll both recover fast.


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LEARNING JOURNEY; Rosetta Stone on Discount?!

…my dad would not want to know that Rosetta Stone is now having a 66% discount when he spent over $400 on the Korean one for me. OTL

^ That was in regards to Rosetta Stone, not my dad.

But why did he have to go buy it anyway?! I could’ve just torrented! …even if it’s without the headset and 3 months free online services thing. I’m really thankful, but /guilt-ridden forever.

I really have to master Korean now and make up for my guilt-ridden feelings.

Personal Life

PERSONAL; So… I dreamt of Kyuhyun last night…

And someone else, but I can’t quite remember who… maybe Changmin, LOL. This was a super long dream, so I’ll just give the main part.

We were supposed to get on a train to somewhere, but whilst on the train, Kyu figured that we were going in the wrong direction. I was speaking in both English and Korean, lmao. Mainly though, I was all, “조규현! 어떡해?!” So the three of us got off at the next station, but! After we got off, the two of them got back on the train just before the doors closed, so I was stuck on the platform on my own. -_- They didn’t even bother to look back at me.


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CONCERT; Thankful For Korean Pop Night Concert Ticket

I have been looking for Cat 3 tickets on the black market ever since the tickets went on sale and I missed my chance because I was stupidly looking for someone to go with. Tickets on Sistic sold out in less than half an hour.

I kept praying even after weeks of not finding any cheap tickets. When finally!, this guy said he was selling 2 for $380 so I emailed him and he replied, but ended up saying it was already reserved. -_- Idiot. Why reply me then?! I partially gave up and got less active in looking for tickets.

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